Lumberg Signs SKEDD Technology License

Leading global maker of RAST connectors joins IDT discipline with new direct PCB connection by Würth Elektronik ICS.

“We are thrilled to have found a second powerful partner in Lumberg for the global marketing of our innovative SKEDD technology for direct contacting”, says Karl-Heinz Groß, Managing Director of Würth Elektronik ICS from Niedernhall yesterday on the occasion of signing the licensing agreement in Factory 2, the largest production facility of the Lumberg Group located in Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony. “For years, Lumberg has been pioneering direct contacting for printed circuit boards using edge connectors with its connector systems – and the company is now also tapping into PCBs with SKEDD technology”, adds Managing Director of Würth Elektronik ICS Dr. Klaus Wittig.

Whereas to date Lumberg connected the traces ending at the edge of a printed circuit board with edge connectors, SKEDD technology now presents the possibility to connect printed circuit boards at any location. A solderless, even detachable spring-loaded contact in the PCB’s boreholes in combination with a possible locking mechanism on the contact base guarantees the safe electrical and mechanical connection with the traces on the board.

“We view this as the ideal complement to our broad and deep connector assortment for our customers in Automotive, Home Appliance and Building Technology. For PCBs we additionally offer SKEDD technology; we integrate the known Insulation Displacement Technology in the casing for which our distinguished clients know us, so that all advantages of machine fastening of cables and flat ribbon cables will be possible in the future”, explains Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director of the Lumberg Group, during the signing of the agreement.

By combining Insulation Displacement Technology with SKEDD we claim four major advantages: rational cable assembly with our solid processing technology and integrated test engineering with established IDT plus economic printed circuit board contacting by dispensing with surface mount tab headers, female headers or pin headers – altogether completely solder-free. “This practically creates IDT via SKEDD, a fantastic “Smart SKEDD” solution for which Würth Elektronik has extended a license to us”, so the precision summary of Meike Schmidt, Managing Partner of the Group. Beyond the “Smart SKEDD” solution, the license also includes the use of SKEDD technology for customized connector applications – a business segment in which Lumberg has enjoyed above-average growth specifically over the past years.

“Following the signing of the agreement we will advance our development accordingly, in order to quickly offer the benefits of the new technology known to us to our customers. The designs, engineering, lab tests and certifications, the prototypes and tool manufacturing all the way to serial production are likely to take up more than a year - but then we will be all set! Next year’s Electronica 2016 in Munich will be a date you can already look forward to”, says Ulrich Schmidt about the next steps.

Photo 1: Contact signing for SKEDD license between Lumberg and Würth Elektronik

left to right: Karl-Heinz Groß, Managing Director Würth Elektronik ICS, Dr. Klaus Wittig, Managing Director Würth Elektronik ICS, Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director Lumberg Holding, Meike Schmidt, Managing Partner Lumberg Holding

About Lumberg Group:

The Lumberg Group, headquartered in Schalksmühle, Germany, ranks among the leading providers of connector and interconnect systems. Core areas of expertise include R&D, manufacturing and the worldwide sales of electromechanical and mechatronic components. For more than 80 years now, the Group’s skills have broadened from manufacturing connectors and challenging micro-contact elements, to developing complex mechatronic assemblies, to customer-specific engineering and technical design services for all industries. In-depth application expertise led to strong partnerships in the automotive, home appliance, building technology, communications and consumer electronic industries. Family-run in the third generation, the company has a global workforce of around 1,000. Subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia form a dense sales network. In 2014, the Group’s turnover totaled some Euro 115m. Over 20,000 catalog and customized products are proof of the company’s efficiency.