Diehl Metal Applications

Diehl Metall, a Corporate Division of the Diehl Group established in 1902, has secured itself an outstanding position in the global marketplace over the past decades. Diehl Metal Applications (DMA), located in Berlin, has played a key role in this success. DMA offers its customers an integrated value chain for the customized development, production and marketing of high-tech products primarily for the automotive and electrical industry. Products range from copper-alloy wire and strip, sophisticated stamping products complete with S+D press-fit zones, highly selective galvanic surface finishing to metal-plastic compound systems. Together with the brand Schempp+Decker, DMA provides a comprehensive technology portfolio as well as customized solutions – organized as a one-stop shop, directly from a single source.

SKEDD as an Optimum Addition to the Product Families

For DMA, SKEDD direct plug-in technology is a simple and reliable addition to soldering and press-fit terminations, offering an optimum addition to the existing product families. In this way, DMA is able to optimally expand its product portfolio of connection technologies between contact systems and printed circuit boards. SKEDD thus represents a forward-thinking advancement of the innovative solutions for the customers of DMA across the world. Addionally, the innovative technology is contributing to the miniaturization trend in passenger and commercial vehicle manufacture as well as in domestic equipment.

Further information on the product area of press-fit zones may be found on the Diehl Metall website.

Strong Partnership for the Future

Thanks to the technical possibilities, DMA is able to offer the customer ‘everything from one source’ in the DMA value-adding chain – and SKEDD technology is no exception. Diehl offers everything under one roof ‒ ranging from copper-alloy strip to the manufacture of stamping and injection tools, as well as from stamping and plating technology through to metal-plastic compound systems.

As SKEDD represents an outstanding addition to the DMA product portfolio of connection technologies between the contact system and printed circuit boards, and as the license agreement represents another important milestone in establishing SKEDD technology on the market, the benefits to our customers are clear.


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