Würth Elektronik ICS

Würth Elektronik ICS develops and manufactures printed circuit board based system solutions for signal and power distribution, electronic controls, display and control panels. From simple components up to complete system solutions, customers from industrial and automotive sector, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, commercial and special vehicles can rely on a wide product range.

Inventor of SKEDD technology

Würth Elektronik ICS has extensive expertise, based on over 30 years of experience in the development of connecting solutions for the circuit board. This has created a large portfolio of power supply elements and various solutions for connecting components and circuit boards.

Driven by its customers’ requirements for compact, light and cost-effective solutions, Würth Elektronik ICS has challenged the old established "PCB-socket base-connector" system and realised: there is an easier way! This has led to the new direct plug-in technology: SKEDD

Application areas and qualification

Würth Elektronik ICS mainly deploys SKEDD in customer-specific solutions for industrial and automotive customers. Furthermore, the company offers a portfolio of selected standard plug connectors in SKEDD technology, such as the SKW plug connectors (wire-to-board connections) or SKV plug connectors (board-to-board connections). The products and solutions in SKEDD technology are qualified, among others, for automotive and white goods requirements. Besides in-house laboratory tests, independent accredited test and laboratory services companies, such as SGS Germany GmbH or the IZM Fraunhofer Institute are commissioned.

Special features / Customer benefit

In developing SKEDD technology, the reliability of the plug connection is of primary importance to Würth Elektronik ICS. For this reason, the company developed a plastic housing that allows stable mechanical locking of the connector with the circuit board. The advancing plastic pins in the plug connector housing, in interaction with the corresponding holes in the PCB, ensure safe positioning and plugging of the contacts. In addition to the polarization, the latter also offer the coding possibly required for correct plug positioning.

Function conditions and plugging process

In four steps to success:

  • The connector hood is moved from the final locking position into the pre-locking position.
  • The connector is pre-positioned on the PCB by means of the plastic pins.
  • The contacts are inserted into the metallized holes.
  • By pushing down of the connector hood, the connector is securely and reliably locked by means of spreading/ riveting connection.

In the non-inserted state, the hood ensures that the contacts are protected against mechanical damage.

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