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The Lumberg Group, headquartered in Schalksmühle, Germany, ranks among the leading providers of connector and interconnect systems. Core areas of expertise include R&D, manufacturing and the worldwide sales of electromechanical and mechatronic components. For 85 years now, the Group’s skills have broadened from manufacturing connectors and challenging micro-contact elements, to developing complex mechatronic assemblies, to customer-specific engineering and technical design services for all industries. In-depth application expertise led to strong partnerships in the automotive, home appliance, building technology, communications and consumer electronic industries. Family-run in the third generation, the company has a global workforce of around 1,150. Subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia form a dense sales network. In 2021, the Group’s turnover totaled some Euro 157.7m. Over 20,000 catalog and customized products are proof of the company’s efficiency.

Evolution meets Revolution: Reversible Arbitrary Direct Mating with the PCB in IDT

Evolution meets revolution: While the direct connector mating on the edge of a printed circuit board is one of our focal domains, we are now introducing a new category of connectors that eclipses them all: The direct connector for arbitrary mating on the printed circuit board. With a multiple plug-in and plug-out option, soldering is no longer required. And it comes of course with Insulation Displacement Technology.

SKEDD makes this possible. The individual contact comprises two symmetrical contact tongues which, when inserted into a plated-through hole in the PCB, retract. The contact pressure forces from the two tongues then create a steadfast mechanicalelectrical connection inside the hole – no need for soldering.

Connectors can mate and lock without having to use tools, for total convenience when mounting entire sub-assemblies. This empowers completely new designs since the connectors can mate right in the center of a printed circuit board. Or even on the reverse.

Here, reversible mating also facilitates for the first time the simple exchange of components, as is required, for example, during servicing.

In combination with Insulation Displacement Technology, which draws on all advantages offered by automated cable assembly and vouches for the efficient production of large quantities, our unparalleled solution that literally centers

your ideas on the PCB is really smart – or simply: SmartSKEDD.

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