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The new way to make contact

Connection convenience redefined: as a market leader in PCB connection technology, Phoenix Contact presents the world's first direct connector with Push-in spring connection. Thanks to SKEDD technology, there is no need for an additional soldering process, thereby reducing your component and process costs. Position, insert, and lock: it couldn't be easier to connect SDC series connectors to the PCB.

Your advantages

  • SKEDD direct plug-in technology enables flexible positioning on the PCB
  • Reduced component and process costs: simple insertion by hand and vibration-resistant connection
  • Time saving push-in connection, tools not required
  • Intuitive use through colour coded actuation lever
  • Quick and convenient testing using integrated test option

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Phoenix Contact Group

Phoenix Contact is the worldwide market leader of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Today, the family-owned company employs 16,500 people worldwide and had a turnover of 2.20 billion euros in 2017. The corporate headquarters is located in Blomberg in Germany. The Phoenix Contact Group has fourteen companies in Germany as well as more than 50 sales subsidiaries. In addition, the worldwide presence is consolidated by more than 40 representations in Europe and Overseas.

Phoenix Contact produces with a high vertical range of manufacture in twelve countries all over the world. The product range comprises components and system solutions for energy supply including wind and solar, device and machine building as well as control cabinet engineering. A diverse product range of modular terminal blocks and special-purpose terminals, printed circuit terminal blocks and plug connectors, cable connection technology and installation accessories offers innovative components. Electronic interfaces and power supplies, automation systems on the basis of Ethernet and wireless, safety solutions for man, machine and data, surge protection systems as well as software programs and tools provide installers and operators of systems as well as device manufacturers with comprehensive systems. The automotive, renewable energy and infrastructure markets are supported with holistic solution concepts including engineering and training services and further service features according to their specific demands.


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