• Direct and reversible connection to the PCB.
    The socket base as an interface component is eliminated.
  • Elimination of an electrical interface.
    Thereby, a potential source of faults is removed and contact resistance is reduced.
  • Flexibility for PCB layout and device design.
    SKEDD contacting is possible from both sides and all over the surface of the printed circuit board.
  • Flexibility in production process design.
    Components in SKEDD technology can be inserted at any stage in the production line by hand, without any further infrastructure.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
    No tools are required.
  • Replacement of the soldering processes in PCBs.
    A laborious and thermally troublesome process in electronics is omitted.
  • Lower material and manufacturing costs.
    Reduction of components – A socket base is no longer nessesary and one assembly step is eleminated.
  • Environmentally friendly technology.
    SKEDD connectors are reusable and recyclable.